The funeral that brought a country to a standstill

STORY: As a display of grandeur unfolded in London, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth brought much of the rest of Britain to a standstill.

On one side, mostly empty streets normally choked with traffic.

It's a national holiday and many businesses closed.

On another, parks, pubs, people in thousands watching on screens in silence:

"It's very sad. Not many words, really."

"I came here for Princess Diana's death."

"Incredible to see the nation come together."

"I'm feeling very emotional, it's such a moving ceremony. I'm really happy to be here. The Queen meant so much to all of us."

"You, you know what? I think everybody was just so emotional because she's been, you know, our queen for a lot of years. We're never going to see another real queen, so yes, it's been fantastic."

For some people in the UK, this is just another day.

For others it's some welcome time off.

And for others, it's a symbol of excess and questions over the future role of the monarchy.

But it can't be understated how much pull this event has had on so many.

As they watch, wherever they can, quietly or in tears, their beloved former head of state laid to rest.