Fun runs getting more expensive

Fun runs getting more expensive
"Fun runs getting more expensive"

The home minister and I resumed entering fun runs in December 2022 after taking a break during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, we competed in 14 events in the Klang Valley, and even as far away, as Penang. We hunted for events with the best goodie bags, eye-catching T-shirts, and unique medals.

The best part of the runs was the ‘fellowship’ or rather ‘makan-makan (eating) sessions’ after we completed the events.

However, we have only taken part in three races this year. One of the reasons is that fun runs aren’t as cheap as they used to be.

We previously paid between RM30-50 per person, but now, if you are late, entries are closer to RM100.

So, we have become wiser in choosing our events and have skipped some held at familiar venues, although we have signed up for the Penang Heritage run once again.

This year, our ‘running kaki group’ wanted to compete in races in Perak or down south, but we have not found one to our liking. Since we enjoyed our Penang trip last year, we are headed back there again.

Although it is called fun runs, I mostly walk the 10km route, which is perfect training for a fun and exciting event on June 2 – the National Press Club of Malaysia’s inaugural ‘Jom Jalan with NPC 2024’ at Padang Merbok.

There are two main categories – a competitive 10km walk, and a 5km fun walk. The competitive 10km walk will have four sub-categories – Open Men’s, Open Women’s, Boys’ and Girls’ (aged 13-17). The fun walk, meanwhile, is open to all. The event is jointly organised by the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Athletics Association (FTKLAA).

Many of us in the NPC fondly remember the Malay Mail Big Walk that attracted tens of thousands of people.

We hope the NPC walk will one day attain a similar status, but for now, it is all about having fun with loved ones on a Sunday morning.

The objectives of the walk are to cultivate a healthy lifestyle among the masses while unearthing new talents, especially among young walkers.

In addition to the invigorating walk itself, we have many exciting activities planned to keep the fun going. There will be something for everyone to enjoy, including yoga and Zumba sessions.

So, while I’m being choosy about my runs, I will not miss taking part in ‘Jom Jalan with NPC 2024’.

Those interested in ‘Jom Jalan with NPC 2024’ can register here at Race X Asia or CheckpointSpot. See you there!


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lego Star Wars, Sunway Pyramid is hosting a Lego Star Wars event until May 12. Don’t miss out on the range of newly-released 25th-anniversary sets, and stand a chance to win prizes.

Episode 1 of the Star Wars franchise, ‘The Phantom Menace’, turns 25 this year, and cinemas in Malaysia and the rest of the world are rescreening the movie.

Have you bought your tickets?


Gerai Orang Asli will participate in Subang Jaya's Da Men Mall community bazaar on May 4 and 5. Do show your support for the work of our indigenous people.

You can also join Da Men’s Mother’s Day celebration on May 5 from 10am to 6pm for fun-filled activities, including an exciting colouring contest with cash prizes for champions in each category.


You know the old joke about dogs having owners and cats having servants?

Unfortunately, it is so true, as my two cats have ‘trained’ me to get up every day around 4am as they want to leave the bedroom.

One cat does this by purposely jumping on the chest of drawers, as it knows the noise would wake me. The other would scratch the bedroom door.

For the next two hours, both cats will be in and out of the room, one after the other. I can’t leave them outside as they will scratch at the door and meow so loudly that it wakes everyone up.

The worst part is that each time I am about to go back to sleep, one of them will demand to come in. They are lucky I’m more patient than Kristi Noem!

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