Full bellied Komodo Dragon drools after consuming turtle carcass

This Komodo dragon makes his home on Komodo Island in Indonesia along with over 1700 other dragons. They are the largest lizards on earth and they are ferocious hunters. Capable of taking down huge prey, they are the top predators in their domain. They can dislocate their jaws to swallow animals whole as well. Komodo dragons are known for their highly toxic saliva. Laced with venom and bacteria, their saliva can incapacitate their prey. Animals they bite will suffer from infection and internal bleeding that can kill them within a day or two, even if they survive the initial attack. These dragons are also opportunistic feeders that will eat freshly killed animals. They have a keen sense of smell that helps them track dying animals or locate carrion. This dragon found a large sea turtle washed up on the beach and he claimed it as his own. He carried it up on the beach and swallowed it, shell and all. This footage was captured a few minutes after the sea turtle was consumed. The Komodo dragon's belly bulges obscenely as he waddles into the trees to rest and digest his meal. The dragon's drool hangs from his jaws as he saunters along. It's a foul mix of bacteria that that would be enough to make anything that touched it ill. And if the dragon was not already full and slow moving, the people capturing pictures and videos would not be so wise to venture so close. Guides are present and always vigilant, willing to step in with large sticks to dissuade an aggressive animal. These dragons are fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Reaching a weight of nearly 130kg (300lbs), they are huge creatures with a reputation for violence that is well deserved.