Fuel supplies blocked on 6th day of French strikes

STORY: Strikes against pension reforms ran into a sixth day in France on Monday (March 13).

The action has blocked fuel deliveries from French refineries

Jean-Paul Delescaut is general secretary of a leading union.

"We've decided to block the Haulchin fuel depot because our banker president is not hearing the street protests nor the strikers and so we've decided to go tougher."

The strikes have put more pressure on President Emmanuel Macron ahead of a final parliamentary vote

Railway transport was also disrupted Monday.

While garbage piled up on the streets of Paris and other French cities.

Isabelle DuBois is a local in Paris.

"I notice that there are rubbish bins absolutely everywhere. The dogs are happy, they stop every 10 metres."

On Saturday, the French Senate approved a bill raising the retirement age by two years to 64.

But it still faces parliamentary hurdles before it can become law.

The crucial moment could come in a final vote on Thursday (March 16) in the Senate and National Assembly.