Fuel shortage causes long lines in Ukraine

STORY: In Bucha, a devastated suburb of Kyiv, drivers waited hours to get a small amount of fuel.

They, like millions of other Ukrainians, likely face several weeks - or possibly longer - of fuel disruption.

The Kyiv region has also seen a spike in demand as large numbers of civilians returned following Russia’s failed attack on the capital.

“We are waiting for now. They said that they will probably have petrol. But when and what type - nobody knows. I will park my car and will be using public transport like the others.“

Moscow’s strikes on energy infrastructure, transportation issues and a supply cutoff by Russia and Belarus have hit supplies.

The Russian navy has also blockaded Ukraine’s Black Sea ports - which has stopped tankers from renewing stocks.

The gas shortages have closed around half of the country’s 7,000 service stations.

The government said in a statement the shortages would stop by the end of the week as Ukrainian retailers had new contracts with European suppliers.

But distributing those supplies could be a challenge.

Many bridges and highways have been damaged or destroyed during the conflict.

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