Frustration for Hubei citizens looking to return to normal life

Mainland China reported no new locally transmitted cases of coronavirus for the sixth time in eight days on Thursday (March 26) as Hubei province, where the virus was first detected, opened its borders.

But several new problems are now being managed, including measures to prevent a resurgence of infections as lockdowns are lifted, leading to some public confusion.

Outside a hospital in one Hubei city, frustrations were evident from those trying to get a test and health certificate necessary for travel.


"How can I get out without a nucleic acid test? I can't even get on a bus, not even with a ticket. The government doesn't care about us. The hospital doesn't allow checks."

Elsewhere in the city, life is slowly returning to normal, but many locals are still concerned that the lifting of restrictions will mean the virus could return.

There were at least 67 new cases reported in China on Wednesday, a slight increase on the previous day, but all of which were imported.

Although none were in Hubei province leading to the borders reopening.

As for Hubei’s capital of Wuhan, the city where the virus first appeared late last year, restrictions remain in place until April 8, which will be seen as a milestone in China's war against the epidemic.