Friends in Gaza Won't Let Lost Limbs Get in Way of Parkour Dreams

A pair of young men from the Gaza Strip are still following their parkour dreams despite sustaining injuries that caused them both to undergo leg amputations back in 2018.

Footage produced by Guavo.Media on March 21 shows Mohamed Aliwa and Muhammed Daqin, from the Shejaiya neighborhood, practicing their skills.

Aliwa and Daqin sustained life-changing gunshot injuries during border protests in Gaza in 2018, local media reports said.

Daqin credits his friend Aliwa with inspiring him to continue pursuing his love of parkour.

“When Mohamed Aliwa and I started practicing parkour, I was afraid because there are risks in this and I am a little more afraid of things, but he is the one who takes risks in everything and to get away from our problems, we kept on going with our parkour training,” Daqin said. Credit: Vin Sharma via Storyful