This New ‘Friends’ Central Perk Dining Set Will Have You Eating Like Joey

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Toynk Toys

From House Beautiful

Although the final episode of Friends aired over 16 years ago, that hasn’t stopped fans of the show from continuously obsessing over it. In fact, it’s only getting better with age, now that we have fun products to help us show our love for Rachel, Ross, and the rest of the group. Toynk Toys is feeding that love with its new Friends Central Perk Dining Set.

The iconic New York City coffeehouse is celebrated with the three-piece dining collection. The large dinner plate, dinner bowl, and mug all feature the Central Perk logo, so any Friends fan will get a kick out of eating off of them. Plus, if you snag a few sets, it gives you all the more reason to throw a Friends-themed dinner will your fellow watchers.

“In nearly every episode of Friends, the group is seen gathered around their large reserved couch seated in the middle of Central Perk coffee shop,” the description says. “It’s only fitting that these dishes serve as a reminder of each hilarious moment.”

The white dishes with bright green accents are available for preorder for $39.99 beginning on June 11. They’ll officially be in stock on June 24. Part of us doesn’t even want to use them so we can keep them as a collectible. Ugh, decisions, decisions. But if you do use them, the high-quality ceramic is meant to be handwashed only.

Now if you really want to lean into the theme, you’ll break these dishes out at Thanksgiving. If you’re really a Friends fan, that’s enough said.

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