Friend of man hurt in Spain wildfire surveys damage

STORY: Mechanic Juan Lozano said it was still unclear how his childhood friend, Angel Martin Arjona, became caught in the fire.

"We haven't been able to find out whether it got stuck or whether the fire and smoke in cabin didn't let him breathe," he said.

Arjona, the owner of a construction warehouse in Tabara, was seen abandoning his digger after it was engulfed in flames and escaping with his clothes alight on July 18.

Friends say he remains sedated in hospital with 80% burns but he was showing signs of improvement and his kidneys were once again working on their own.

The blaze, which started in Losacio, in the northwestern province of Zamora, on July 17 caused two deaths, left three people critically injured, and led to the temporary evacuation of 6,000 people from the area, authorities said.

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