'Fresh air' with anti-pollution helmet in India

STORY: Location: New Delhi, India

This anti-pollution helmet is designed to produce a breath of fresh air

[Rahul, Motorcyclist]

“This is an anti-pollution helmet. You won’t feel the air is polluted when you wear this helmet. It feels like you are breathing in the comfort of your home while you are breathing inside this helmet. This is very comfortable. The pollution that is prevalent outdoors is not felt at all while wearing this helmet.”

The helmet was developed by Shellios Technolabs

The start-up says the helmet can filter out 80% of pollutants

Shellios founder Amit Pathak says he sees a huge demand both at home and abroad

[Amit Pathak, Founder of Shellios Technolabs]

“It’s a huge market. You know in India, on the roads you have more than 20 crores (200 million) two-wheelers and every year approximately 10% get added. So, it’s an immense market. And so, to get the product right, to be able to service a portion of that market is the immediate objective for us.”

The helmet may not be so quick to replace the regular ones in India

The price tag effectively puts it beyond reach of many riders

Shellios says a cheaper version is possibly in the works

India is home to 35 of the 50 most-polluted cities in the world