'Frenzy' of Marine Worms With Hooked Jaws Seen in South Carolina Harbor

A swarm of marine worms with hooked jaws has made its annual appearance in a harbor in Charleston, South Carolina.

This footage, released by the state’s department of natural resources on April 14, shows the creatures in a “frenzy” by the harbor.

“Nothing says spring on the coast like a frenzy of marine worms,” the department wrote on Facebook, adding: “You may not want to go swimming,” due to the worms having a set of hooked jaws.

The department explained marine worms, also known as clamworms, usually keep a low profile on the sea floor, but morph into reproductive forms called “epitokes” in the spring.

“This fascinating phenomenon occurs every year at our marine headquarters in Charleston and is often followed by hungry throngs of fish and birds along the marsh edge,” they added. Credit: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources via Storyful