French surfer killed by sharks

A Frenchman has been killed in a horrific shark attack while surfing near the tropical island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.


-old Eddy Auber was surfing less than 200 metres from the west shore of Ti Boucan when he was reportedly attacked by at least two sharks.

Eye witnesses reportedly told police that they heard the young man scream and saw him wave his arms before he disappeared under the water. Rescue attempts were foiled as 'several shark fins' reportedly encircled the victim.

Three surfers managed to eventually swim over to Auber and drag his body back to the beach, where emergency services had arrived in the meantime.  Paramedics at the scene were unable to revive the Frenchman who died from severe bite injuries, according to police.

“His right arm had been bitten off and one of his legs was completely ripped apart,” said the local Gendarmerie commander in an official statement.

This is the second reported shark attack on the island since the beginning of the year. A tourist lost his leg in February after being attacked by a shark off the Saint-Gilles beach.

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