French zoo welcomes baby red howler monkey

The baby monkey, which was born on February 16 and was presented by Planete Sauvage zoo workers to Reuters on Monday (March 29), has been tentatively named Shongo, currently the top choice in an online poll the park has launched upon the young male's birth.

His mother, an adult female named Yerba, carried him in her womb for 140 days and gave birth without the help of zookeepers, zoo worker Justine You said.

Native to South America, red howler monkeys are a small type of primate, with males growing up to 72 centimetres long and weighing up to 9 kilos, while females growing up to 57 centimetres long and weighing up to 7 kilos.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature last week identified the red howler monkey in its Red List of threatened species.