'The French usually decapitate their kings': analyst on Macron result

STORY: Adding "But that's usual in France, we always decapitate our kings," he added.

While Macron's "Ensemble" grouping secured the largest number of lawmakers in the 577-seat National Assembly, it fell well short of an absolute majority in a vote on Sunday (June 19) that saw a leftwing alliance and the far-right perform very strongly.

There is no script in France for how things should unfold.

One key question is whether he will try to strike a coalition deal with the conservative Les Republicains - who have for now rejected that option - or enter into messy negotiations with opponents on a bill-by-bill basis.

If no agreement can be found, the euro zone's second biggest economy faces political paralysis.

Parliament is fragmented, with a broad left-wing alliance and, diametrically opposed to it, the largest far-right group ever elected. If Macron cannot find enough support to make things work, France may face snap elections down the line.

Macron's alliance and Les Republicains have compatible platforms on economic matters, including pushing up the retirement age and promoting nuclear energy. Together, they would have an absolute majority.

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