French trio swim across Lake Titicaca for climate

Three French swimmers are crossing Lake Titicaca

to encourage people to stop polluting the lake

The 'Titicaca Challenge' team consists of

- Paralympic athlete Theo Curin

- Olympic athlete Malia Metella

- and eco-adventurer Matthieu Witvoet


"The challenge consists of crossing the Lake Titicaca - the highest navigable lake in the world - in complete autonomy by swimming. This means that all three swimmers will take turns every day for around 10 days. We will tow a raft that weighs around 500 kilograms (1102 pounds) carrying our provisions, food and our clothes to keep us warm. We are going to live an exceptional adventure because it's an adventure that has never been done until today. We are very proud. We have been very well received by the Bolivians and I think it will be the same at the arrival, so we are very proud."

Only second-hand materials were used to build their raft

which they’ll pull along for the entire 76-mile swim


"This is a very special boat because we designed and built it for this crazy challenge. We designed it with second-hand materials, it was important for us to do this challenge with the lowest ecological impact. The boat's floats were made from a boat made for the 1996 Olympic Games, the canvas was recovered from a theater in France and the idea to use recovered materials in the boat comes from the concept of a circular economy."

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