French swimmers cross Lake Titicaca in Peru

Courtesy: Theo Curin

A French trio swam from Bolivia to Peru

The 'Titicaca Challenge' took them 11 days to complete

Location: Lake Titicaca, Peru

Storms and strong currents made the 76-mile voyage challenging

Only second-hand materials were used to build their raft

which they pulled along for the entire journey

Name: Theo Curin, Paralympic athlete

"I never thought to suffer so much in eleven days, I never thought I would put my live in danger. I thought we would die. But, here we are, the people are here - we made it. I am thankful for them because we made a dream come true. Without the two of them I couldn't have made it, thank you. We made it."

Curin came up with the idea for the swim

to encourage people not to pollute the lake

Locals performed traditional songs and dances

as the swimmers arrived on the Peruvian coast

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