French Rugby Federation declares trans women should compete

Transgender women will be allowed to play rugby in France

after the French Rugby Federation defied the sport’s governing body

(SOUNDBITE) (French) FRENCH RUGBY FEDERATION VICE PRESIDENT, SERGE SIMON, SAYING:"We've taken a step further to be more inclusive, for people whose physique is the result of genetics, but also their complex and complicated human story, and for those who could feel excluded in many sectors of society. Here, we've opened the doors."

World Rugby had discouraged countries from letting trans women play

citing safety concerns

For Alexia Cerenys, who has been playing unofficially for years

it was about time for integration

(SOUNDBITE) (French) FRENCH TRANSGENDER RUGBY PLAYER, ALEXIA CERENYS, SAYING: "In our team, I have a teammate more burly than I am, so it's not justified, it's totally not justified. In fact, the hormonal treatment balances it out. Before I took rugby up again – I took it up again in 2016, and I started the hormonal treatment in 2012 – during those four years I experienced a loss in strength.”

(SOUNDBITE) (French) FRENCH TRANSGENDER RUGBY PLAYER, ALEXIA CERENYS, SAYING: "From a personal point of view, I feel really proud to have this support and to see things change.”

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