This French postman delivers mail by boat

STORY: Charles Defoort, boat postman:

"Hello, I am Charles, your boat postman."

Charles Defoort delivers mail in northern France’s wetlands

He visits around 50 inhabitants without any road access

Location: Marais Audomarois, France

"What is different from a normal round is that there is no address in the swamp. We work with people's

names, we have a map showing where each person lives. So we don't work with addresses, only names."

Charles’ round takes two hours to complete

"Hello, I am Charles, your boat postman."

WOMAN: "I am not home. Are the dogs outside?"

DEFOORT: "The German shepherd yes."

Alexandra Dumoulin, Resident:

"Especially in the winter, at least we see someone passing by every day, which is very nice. In the summer, there are tourists but in the winter there are no tourists, there's no-one. So at least we are happy to see the postman."

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