French Inventor Plunges Into Lake as Flyboard Demonstration Goes Wrong

French inventor Franky Zapata plunged into a lake after spinning out of control while demonstrating a “flyboard” device in Biscarrosse on May 28.

Footage captured by Alexandre Desvignes shows Zapata spiraling at height before plunging into the lake.

Desvignes told Storyful that there seemed to be a malfunction or mistake that led to “an unstoppable flat spin.” He said that luckily Zapata managed to crash in deep water, adding it “could have been solid concrete.”

Zapata said on Twitter he was “doing well”. He thanked first responders, and added, “one only learns by such errors.”

Zapata is known for being the first person to successfully cross the English Channel on a “jet-powered flyboard”. Credit: Alexandre Desvignes via Storyful

Video transcript


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