Scenarios for governing after French vote produces hung parliament

France's legislative elections have resulted in a hung parliament, with the National Assembly divided into three distinct blocs. Although the leftist coalition, the New Popular Front, came out on top with 182 seats, it does not have an absolute majority. While Macron has asked Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to remain in his post “for the time being”, the shape of the future government looks uncertain. FRANCE 24 takes a look at possible scenarios that could unfold.

To huge surprise, the New Popular Front (NFP) – a broad alliance of the hard-left France Unbowed party, joined by Socialists, Greens and Communists – came out on top in France's second round of parliamentary elections on Sunday July 7.

While this made the NFP the largest political force in the National Assembly, it does not have an absolute majority. With 182 seats for the leftist coalition, 168 for President Macron’s centrists and 143 for the far-right National Rally (Rassemblement National, or RN) the Assembly, the lower house, is now divided into three distinct blocs.

Macron asked Gabriel Attal to remain as prime minister temporarily for “the stability of the country” on Monday, but France is faced with a political landscape that is without precedent since the founding of the Fifth Republic in 1958.

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