French fisherman fears drastic post-Brexit fleet cut

The fishermen protesting off St. Helier, Jersey hope to reach an agreement with Jersey authorities to keep the same fishing area access to the bay of Granville, or their livelihoods "will not be able to survive".

"The problem is that if the large boats can't go far out, they will come closer to the land, so the coastal strip on the French side will be massively reduced. And already the cohabitation is difficult with the trawlers and everyone else. It's going to be difficult to work. It's impossible," the unidentified fisherman said on his boat.

Earlier on Thursday, a flotilla of French trawler vessels protesting over the fishing rights had sailed to the Jersey port of St. Helier.

The French government was angered when Jersey issued new fishing permits which, according to Paris, impose unfair and unfounded restrictions on French trawlers' access to Channel island fishing grounds.