A French entertainer fights for her livelihood

A French performer fights for the show to go on

Location: Paris

(SOUNDBITE) (French) STAGE ACTRESS ANDPLAYWRIGHT,"TRINIDAD", SAYING: "Well actually, I am Trinidad, I am a French actress, playwright and director. I live in Paris. And we are here at the Hebertot theater. Normally when I perform this show, there's an audience, videos, sounds, lights. But now we have been banned from performing, for thelast three weeks."

Courtesy: Jean Sentis Caspevi Digital

Trinidad Garcia’s one-woman show was meant to run until December

But now she’s waiting in the wings for audiences to return

after a nationwide lockdown forced the closure of the theater

(SOUNDBITE) (French) STAGE ACTRESS ANDPLAYWRIGHT,"TRINIDAD", SAYING: "There are days when, what weighs down on me is this solitude, the lack of contact with the audience. And I'm not just talking about when I'm on stage, and the audience is seated in the rows, but also after the show. I do plays for people, to be with people, I've always done that. One time I played at Cafe de la Gare, and after the show I made sangrias and shared drinks with the audience, talked to them. I even met people who I became friends with."

Trinidad receives$1,780 a month

from a government scheme to keep her going

(SOUNDBITE) (French)STAGE ACTRESS AND PLAYWRIGHT,"TRINIDAD", SAYING: "At the moment what I get is just enough to pay my rent and my taxes, and my phone. I'll need to make sacrifices on everything to do with food and other things."

She is now working on a new play

about life for women in lockdown

but she’s still uncertain when she will be able to perform it live

(SOUNDBITE) (French)STAGE ACTRESS AND PLAYWRIGHT,"TRINIDAD", SAYING: "Re-opening a theater means going out again and looking for an audience, while people are pretty much traumatized and panicking, financially it's starting to become difficult for a lot of people. So yes, indeed, how are we going to start all that back up again?"