French elections: Meloni yet to break silence on Le Pen's success

French elections: Meloni yet to break silence on Le Pen's success

Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Melania has yet to make a public comment following Marine Le Pen's right-wing party's triumph in the first round of the French elections this weekend. Yet, other officials were quick to express their views.

The first to react to the news of the National Rally's success in Italy was right-wing Matteo Salvini, historically a political ally of Le Pen. He congratulated her while also taking the opportunity to criticise French President Emmanuel Macron.

Enrico Letta, leader of the left-wing Democratic Party, said the attitude of the Italian government in Europe depends on the outcome of the French elections, adding that the expected victory of Le Pen in the first round pushed Meloni to abstain in the EU summit vote to approve Ursula von der Leyen as the candidate running for reelection as European Commission president.

Despite Meloni's silence, reports in Italian newspaper La Repubblica suggest that she would have preferred a clearer victory for Le Pen in this first round of voting to destabilise power balances in the European Union. Meloni reportedly complained about being excluded from talks to decide EU top job appointments.

According to Il Giornale newspaper, Le Pen’s advantage is seen as a positive development for Meloni and the far-right group ECR’s role in the EU, which could be in favour of Meloni's goal to secure a top European Commission post for Italy.