Freediver on 'Treasure Hunt' Discovers Octopus Inside Glass Bottle

A freediver discovered an octopus squeezed inside a glass bottle while swimming around a marina on Vancouver Island, with the incredible moment shared to TikTok on July 27.

GoPro footage taken by Clayton Helkenberg shows him pick up the bottle from the sea floor before popping out of the water and finding an octopus lodged inside.

Speaking to Storyful, Helkenberg said that he often dives around Vancouver Island to clean up trash and return lost valuables to their owners.

His Instagram account showcases some of his other finds as he goes “treasure hunting”, including phones, rings, sunglasses, cameras, and many other items.

As for the octopus, once Helkenberg has shaken the water from the bottle, the amazing footage shows it climbing out and returning safely to the water. Credit: Clayton Helkenberg via Storyful

Video transcript


- Dude, there's an octopus in it. No way.

- Geez, out of all bottles it was an octopus. People were just like, oh, it's not an octopus, but it is an octopus. Look as it gets away.

- Yeah.

- I found a squid dust out there.

- That's so cool.

- Yeah.


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