Free to play Warcraft Rumble gets released live at Blizzcon 2023

 Character with pink hair screaming.
Character with pink hair screaming.

Mobile-based strategy game Warcraft Rumble has been released at Blizzcon 2023. You can play it right now as the game is downloadable on both the Google Play store and iOS.

Warcraft Rumble was officially announced in 2022, titled Warcraft Arclight Rumble. In this strategy game players can collect minis before pitting them against popular figures, both heroic and villainous, from across the Warcraft Franchise. The launch version of the game has 60 minis already, spread across the families of Alliance, Horde, Beast, Undead, and Blackrock.

To celebrate the launch, there's a new mini arriving in Warcraft Rumble: Sylvanus Windrunner, one of Warcraft's most iconic characters. Players can also unlock new skills and spells as they fight.

Taking a look, Warcraft Rumble is free-to-play with in-app purchases and will take a little over 200 MB on your device.

This certainly wasn't on my radar before, but as someone who's been spending a lot of his time traveling and digging into Marvel Snap - a game directed by ex-Hearthstone director Ben Brode - this has made me interested in playing a few more mobile games. Will Warcraft Rumble fit the bill? Let's find out.

Elsewhere during the Blizzcon 2023 opening ceremony, Overwatch 2 got the announcement of a new hero Mauga. Diablo 4 is getting a new class too: we don't know what it is yet, but the expansion Vessel of Hatred that's coming in late 2024 will be adding a new class that's never been seen before in the Diablo franchise.

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