Free Palestine protest held in Mexico City on Saturday

A protest was held at Revolution Monument in Mexico City on Saturday 15 May, in solidarity with Palestinians. In the video, people hold Palestine flags, banners saying "Israel is the the Empire's murdering arm", "Stop the Genocide from Israel to Palestine", and "Free Palestine". Protesters shouted: "We want a free world, let's raise our voice, long live free Palestine". A Woman activist present said: "We are present and demand the Mexican government to pull out the mexican cement companies, to stop them from building a wall Cisjordania is the biggest open sky prison in this world. This cannot be possible, we need to have a little bit of indignation" "I've seen in social networks, several people supporting the badly named people of Israel, a state that lacks any justification" Eduardo Ibañez, a pro-Palestine activist, said: "Today we mark 73 years since the beginning of the palestine people's fight. And what we demand not only to Israel but the whole world, to stop the Palestine genocide. It's not possible that in 2021 all forms of violations of human rights take plac now, not yesterday, not in another moment in the occupied territories, of the Palestine people" Victor Ugalde, a filmmaker, said: "I'm in solidarity towards the Palestine people, because they are enduring a very long battle and every day they experiance even more attacks, this is a new offensive that makes us think in a new genocide, daily"