Free haircuts for protesters outside Iraq's parliament

STORY: This barber offers free haircuts for protesters in Iraq

who have been camping at the parliament

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

[Abu Ahmad, Iraqi barber]

"I volunteered to work here to serve the protesters. I come either in the morning or in the afternoon.// "When a chef comes to cook or a barber comes to cut people’s hair, this can enhance people’s morale. I want to help others."

Supporters of Shi'ite Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr

took over the parliament building on July 30

protesting against what they say is corruption in the country

[Sijad Muhsain, protester]

"I decided to get a haircut when I saw him working here because it makes me feel good. We will also continue in our protest until our demands are met. We will not withdraw."

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