Free Diver Plunges to Record Depth Under Frozen Swiss Lake

A Czech free diver broke the record for the deepest dive under a frozen lake without a wetsuit on Tuesday, March 14.

David Vencl, wearing only a small swimsuit and foot fins, dived 52.1 meters (170.9 feet) into the frozen Lake Sils, in southern Switzerland.

“I completely walked a path that no one had ever taken before,” said Vencl, referring to his record-breaking dive.

Vencl, age 40, had to go to the hospital immediately following the dive, after the stunt left him coughing up blood and with swollen lungs, he said. Doctors observed him overnight.

The footage, released by Vencl, shows his frigid dive, which took him 1 minute 54 seconds, he said. Credit: @davidvencl via Storyful