Free-diver plunges to record depth in Swiss lake

STORY: This free-diver plunged 170 feet beneath a frozen lake without a wetsuit

The record-breaking dive took David Vencl 1 minute and 54 seconds to complete

Location: St. Moritz, Switzerland

The temperature of Lake Sils?

Between 33.8 and 39.2°F

(Pavel Kalous, David Vencl’s promoter)

"No one did it before him in terms of there was no wetsuit. There is nothing difficult for David to be in cold water. There is nothing difficult for him. Lack of oxygen, it's something normal for him. But this was completely different because it's really difficult to work with the pressure in your ears in cold water and he didn't know what to expect from this dive. And, if you combine all these three things: cold water, lack of oxygen and the problem with working with pressure, it's something very unique."