Frankie Choi denies evicting Belinda Hamnett

Heidi Hsia
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3 May – It looks like the friendship between Belinda Hamnett and Frankie Choi are now in jeopardy, after it was revealed that the former actress has already moved out of the latter's home and deleted all of their photos together from social media.

As reported on Mingpao, Frankie recently took to social media to defend himself, after rumours alleged that he evicted Belinda after finding out that she had declared bankruptcy - saying that he didn't understand why he was treated this way even though his intention was only to help a friend in need.

Explaining the allegations about him, Frankie stated that he never asked Belinda to move out, but that the former actress herself had told him that she will leave after finding herself a more stable income.

Frankie and Belinda before the fallout
Frankie and Belinda before the fallout

He also refuted Belinda's statement that she had paid a four digit sum every month for her stay, saying that the so-called "four digit sum" was the HKD1000 she paid him that he never even asked for. Frankie stated that he had even told Belinda when she moved in that she is not responsible for all the expenses.

Frankie stated that he had sacrificed his personal space and provided accommodation unconditionally to Belinda, and did not understand why he has been discredited by the actress. He also revealed that he did not unfollow Belinda on social media, and that it was the actress who did so to him.

It is noted that the former actress moved in with Frankie two years ago following the death of her mother. She was also revealed to have been facing financial difficulties at the time after having to use all her money to pay for her cancer-stricken mother's medical bills and other related necessities.

Belinda was a filial daughter who cared for her mother till she passed on
Belinda was a filial daughter who cared for her mother till she passed on

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Frankie Choi Instagram, Belinda Hamnett Instagram)