Francis Ford Coppola Opens Hotel for Filmmakers and Public in Georgia With On-Site Post-Production Facilities (EXCLUSIVE)

Francis Ford Coppola has unveiled the latest collection to his travel portfolio, the All-Movie Hotel in Georgia’s Peachtree City, outside of Atlanta.

With 27 rooms and suites all designed by Coppola, the hotel also features a state-of-the-art production facility with two edit suites with laser projection and Meyer Sound 2.1 monitoring, two edit bays, offices, ADR recording room and a conference room.

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Last year, Georgia’s film and television industry generated $4.3 billion. Peachtree is 15 minutes from Trillith Studios, where numerous Marvel projects have shot.

Coppola said he was inspired while filming his latest project “Megalopolis” in Atlanta and wanted to create something that offered hospitality and the functionality needed to make films on any scale. “When I didn’t want to think about the movie, I would think about this hotel, and when I didn’t want to think about the hotel, I’d think about the movie,” Coppola said.

Formerly a Days Inn Motel, the filmmaker remodeled the lodgings with post-production in mind. “We had to build six suites. And then we needed ‘Mini-Suites.’ We had to have special effects facilities and rehearsal facilities, even a little stage that we could shoot in…which we did shoot in on this picture,” Coppola said.

Coppola, who spent over 16 months in Peachtree, conducted all of his post-production at the hotel and even did some reshoots for “Megalopolis” there. He noted the hotel is equipped with most things productions would need, from fitting rooms to a recording studio and 30-seat screening room. The hotel offers a crew the ability to “live and intimately connect,” the filmmaker said.

The hotel’s screening room was named after filmmaker Dorothy Arzner. Arzner, one of the few female directors of the silent era, taught Coppola when he was a film student at UCLA. He said, “I benefited from the fact that she sort of liked me. She was always very encouraging.”

The All-Movie hotel joins the Family Coppola Hideaways located in Belize, Guatemala, Argentina and Italy. The All-Movie hotel is the first U.S. location in the collection.

The hotel will open to the public on July 25.

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