Frances Yip self-quarantines following Coronavirus scare

14 Feb – Veteran singer Frances Yip has decided to quarantine herself at home in Australia, after discovering that there was a Coronavirus case at the Singapore hotel she stayed in earlier.

As reported on On CC, the 72-year-old veteran singer, who was originally planning to go to Hong Kong to promote her new song, shared that she and her husband David Lomax had to forgo the trip and returned home instead to ensure their health and the safety of the people around her.

However, Frances assured that she and David are feeling well, with their said self-imposed quarantine ending soon.

The singer also revealed that she and her husband had actually done the same thing back in 2003 during the SARS outbreak.

It was back on 1 February that Frances performed at a concert in Singapore, and even took time to pose for photos and interact with about 80 Chinese guests at the event.

She later found out that a China tourist who stayed in the same hotel as her was sent to the hospital and was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Following her quarantine, Frances will be travelling to Canada for her 50th anniversary concert. She also expressed hope that the Hong Kong trip will be realised in the near future so that she could "cheer up" her Hong Kong friends.

(Photo Source: On CC)