France to spend 250 million euros to boost cycling

STORY: France is investing roughly $250 million

to get people cycling

The money will be spent on new bike

infrastructure and cycling lessons for school children

[Elisabeth Borne, French Prime Minister]

"We are launching a new bicycle plan that will be allotted with 250 million euros in 2023. We will continue to teach our youth how to move around on bikes. Our goal is to teach an entire age class - 800,000 youths - who should be able to have the knowledge to ride a bike."

2.7 million bikes were sold in 2021 making them

the most-sold means of transport that year

Sales were boosted by more than

8,500 miles of new bike lanes

and subsidies for buying and fixing bicycles

[Alexandre Rossignol, Student]

"Before, I used to not cycle that much in Paris, but since the creation of bike lanes that are wider and more secure than before, it's true that it encourages me to use a bike more than before. I think it's a good thing to develop the infrastructure."