France sixth country with +10 million COVID infections

France has now become the sixth country in the world to report more than 10 million COVID-19 infections since the pandemic began, according to official data published on Saturday.

This news comes as health authorities in the country confirmed more than 200,000 daily COVID cases for a fourth straight day.

France joins the United States, India, Brazil, Britain and Russia in having had more than 10 million cases.

French President Emmanuel Macron warned the next few weeks would be difficult, but during his New Year’s Eve address did not mention a need for more restrictive health measures -adding that the government should refrain from further limiting individual freedoms.

Meanwhile, the government said earlier on Saturday that from Monday, wearing masks in public spaces would be mandatory for children as young as six.

And some big cities, including Paris and Lyon, have re-imposed the wearing of masks in the street for everyone.

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