France, Britain strike $577 mln migration deal

STORY: The British government is going to pay France $577 million in a new deal to try to stop surging numbers of migrants crossing the English Channel.

These are the famous white cliffs of Dover, in England, and its docks. Over 45,000 migrants landed in the south of England in 2022, a 500% percent increase in the last two years.

The new deal, to be paid over three years, will include funds to double the number of French border patrols on its beaches, better technology for them, a joint command center with the UK, and a new detention center in France.

It will also attempt to tighten coordination with other countries along favored routes for people traffickers in Europe.

This was British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and French President Emmanuel Macron making the announcement in Paris.

SUNAK: "Is the situation still challenging? Of course, it is, and that's because there is a global migration problem that we are seeing the impact of on our shores and across Europe, and as we saw recently, tragically, people dying off the coasts of Italy. Now, there are global forces at play, but we're all working incredibly hard to try and break that cycle."

MACRON: "My wish, definitely because it makes sense with our history, our geography, with our DNA, I would say, is to have the best possible relation and the closest alliance. But it will depend on our commitment, our willingness. But I'm sure we will do it."

France is also expected to significantly increase its own funds for border patrols.