France bids for UNESCO recognition for baguette

France's baguette may join UNESCO's list of cultural treasures

Location: Paris

The Confederation of French Bakers has submitted an application

for the baguette to receive UNESCO’s "intangible heritage" marker

recognizing social practices and traditional craftsmanship methods

(SOUNDBITE) (French) BAKER AND OWNER OF "LA PARISIENNE" BAKERIES, MICKAEL REYDELLET, SAYING:"Besides the fact that it is a noble product, it also represents 33,000 bakers (nationwide) who wake up every morning for this, and I think the recognition of this savoir-faire is very important, especially after the past year that we have lived through. We speak a lot about restaurateurs, but bakers have also suffered a big decrease in activity. So, this title could comfort bakers and encourage a coming new generation that we need."