Framer AI website builder review 2024

 Screenshot of framer ai website builder homepage.
Credit: Framer

Framer is a Dutch company that has been making waves in the web design industry since its inception in 2015. Initially focused on high-fidelity design and prototyping, Framer has evolved to become a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between design and development.

With its AI website builder, Framer is redefining the way websites are created and published. By simply providing a text prompt, users can generate responsive web pages in a matter of seconds. AI creates unique combinations of layout, copy, and styling for each page of the website, which can be further customized to suit individual preferences. Framer also offers a wide range of theme options, allowing users to mix and match display fonts, text fonts, and color palettes to create a cohesive look.

Being a design-first platform, Framer’s features rival those of platforms like Webflow and Editor X, making it a great choice for those looking for advanced customizability. We like how the AI-powered copywriter adjusts to your unique brand voice, plus the free templates and domains are a nice addition to an already robust platform.

However, Framer may have a steeper learning curve compared to some of the other best website builders on the market thanks to its advanced feature set, meaning that you’d have to be familiar with at least the basic principles of web design to take advantage of the platform fully. This platform is also pricier than most AI-powered website builders, which, although reasonable, may still be inaccessible for freelancers and solopreneurs.

Ultimately, Framer is an already powerful and innovative tool that further simplifies the web design process by integrating AI technology. Its ability to generate responsive websites quickly and efficiently is impressive, plus the built-in copywriting and localization features are good nice-to-haves. While it may not be the perfect solution for every project or team, Framer is definitely worth considering for those looking to streamline their web design workflow without losing creative freedom.

Framer plans and pricing

screenshot of framer ai website builder pricing page
screenshot of framer ai website builder pricing page

Framer offers both a free website builder plan and several tiers of paid plans to offer incremental features while keeping things accessible. Apart from the core plans, which are priced per website, Framer also offers workspace plans that enable collaboration between design teams.

The free plan, known as the "Free Forever" tier, is ideal for those looking to create simple, hobby-oriented sites. This plan includes access to a Framer subdomain and banner, making it easy for users to get started with the platform. However, the free plan does have some limitations, such as a cap of 1,000 monthly visitors and 1,000 CMS items.

For those seeking more advanced features and greater customization options, Framer offers several paid website plans. The Mini plan, priced at $5 per site per month (if paid annually), is perfect for creating simple sites with custom domains. It supports up to 1,000 visitors per month and includes home and 404 pages. The Basic plan, at $15 per site per month, is suitable for personal sites. It allows for up to 150 pages, password protection, one CMS collection, and 10,000 monthly visitors. This plan also includes custom code embedding and e-commerce integration.

For larger sites, the Pro plan, at $25 per site per month, offers even more features. Users can create up to 300 pages, access analytics and cookies, utilize a staging environment, and manage up to 10 CMS collections. The Pro plan supports 200,000 monthly visitors and includes 300-page search functionality.

Framer also provides Enterprise plans with custom pricing for organizations with specific requirements. These plans offer enterprise-level security, custom hosting, uptime guarantees, dedicated infrastructure, launch support, and SSO for sites.

Workspace plans range from the free plan for tiny teams to the Pro plan at $37 per editor per month, which includes advanced permissions, comments, and increased storage. While it may be more expensive than most other website builders out there, we think Framer’s advanced customization features and the AI-powered design system make it more than worth investing in.

Framer AI website builder features

screenshot of framer ai website builder ai featurespage
screenshot of framer ai website builder ai featurespage

With its built-in CMS, localization features, custom animations, and collaborative workspace, Framer is definitely one of the more feature-rich website builders we’ve reviewed in this category. Here’s an overview of the best bits:

AI website generation

Framer lets you create professional websites in mere seconds with its AI web page generator. By simply providing a text prompt with your desired specifications, you can create tailored web pages, complete with copy, images, and styling.

Manual customization

Framer offers a wide range of customization options, enabling users to fine-tune their AI-generated designs. From adjusting fonts and color palettes to modifying individual sections, Framer provides the flexibility to ensure your website aligns with your brand identity.

CMS and localization

Framer's built-in Content Management System (CMS) simplifies content creation and organization. Additionally, AI-powered localization allows users to effortlessly create multilingual websites, adapting content to suit different audiences and regions.

Advanced design options

Framer automatically generates responsive designs that adapt to various screen sizes and devices. It also offers a range of animation and effects options, allowing users to create engaging, interactive experiences without writing complex code.

Site management

Framer supports team collaboration, offering features like live collaboration, comments, and version control. Its comprehensive site management tools, including staging environments, password protection, and custom domains, ensure a smooth workflow from design to deployment.

Framer AI website builder: Setup

When using Framer for the first time, you can choose to start from scratch or select from a wide range of pre-designed templates. Templates serve as a foundation for the website, which can be further customized to suit their specific needs and preferences. After that, you can select a theme, color palette, and font combination to fine-tune your brand identity.

Unlike most AI website builders, Framer does not let you generate entire websites with a single prompt. Instead, you have to direct the AI to generate each page of your Framer website separately, using prompts to describe exactly how you want the page to turn out. Once the AI has done its part, you can easily add, remove, or rearrange elements for the best results.

Framer also offers advanced design features like animations, transitions, and interactive elements, allowing users to create engaging and dynamic websites without any coding knowledge. All your progress is saved automatically as you edit, with full version control, making sure that your changes are never lost.

You can also create separate staging environments, enable password protection, and integrate a custom domain before publishing your website. With regular updates and improvements, Framer ensures that your website remains secure, up-to-date, and aligned with the latest web design trends and best practices.

Framer’s onboarding flow is one of the most intuitive we’ve seen. It uses a combination of tooltips and interactive video tutorials to get you up to speed on the latest features as you design your website. There are ample resources, including a library full of video guides, in case you ever feel lost.

Framer help and support

screenshot of framer ai website builder support page
screenshot of framer ai website builder support page

Framer offers multiple channels for customer support, though the quality and responsiveness seem to vary based on user reviews. Primary support avenues include a community forum, a knowledge base with FAQs, a contact form for account and billing questions, and Discord.

While the website highlights Framer’s community as a place to "get help and friendly support", users have expressed frustration with the lack of official support, slow response times, and having to rely mostly on other community members for answers. Some also claim that documentation and tutorials lack depth for troubleshooting more complex issues.

Despite the support challenges, Framer maintains a 4.4/5 rating on Capterra, with many customers finding immense value in the product itself. While it’s true that Framer could improve its direct customer support, it does provide self-service and community-driven options that allow many users to find the help they need. Plus, enterprise plans come with their own dedicated support infrastructure for large businesses.

Framer website builder review: Summary

AI-powered website generators are often blamed for building bland and uninspired websites that don’t necessarily match the specifications of the designer. Framer solves this problem by using the AI to generate individual pages based on user prompts, rather than the entire website all at once. We think that it works, plus you can always customize the end result to your liking using a bevy of advanced features.

Overall, we like Framer as an AI website builder. While it may not be overreliant on AI like some of the other platforms out there, we think this actually works in its favor to generate more accurate results. While the learning curve attached to this platform is a bit of an upfront investment, users who want to build good-looking and functional websites based on advanced design concepts will find themselves amply rewarded here.