Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany Slammed for Taking a Shot at Jordan Neely Protesters: ‘Doesn’t Even Try to Hide the Racism’

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Kayleigh McEnany (Getty Images)

Kayleigh McEnany is getting called out online for remarks made about protestors marching for Jordan Neely, the homeless man choked to death on the New York subway this week.

On Thursday, McEnany, who was just named as the third host to temporarily fill in for Tucker Carlson’s “Fox News Tonight” time slot, discussed Neely’s death and condemned protestors who have already formed their opinion on the matter while the investigation is ongoing.

“Investigators have ruled it a homicide,” McEnany said during the broadcast before showing a clip of protestors. “And while there’s an ongoing investigation still trying to gather those facts, some people have already made up their minds. Angry protestors, they took to the streets last night demanding justice — or else.”

The anchor then pulled up a video of protestors chanting to the beat of a drum: “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

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“Justice, or they’ll burn it down,” McEnany said after playing the video. “Well, at least they have rhythm.”

McEnany’s Fox News colleagues could be heard laughing in the background.

It didn’t take long for McEnany’s comments to reach social media, where said protestors and their supporters slammed the journalist for being racist in her response.

“In case any forgot, Kayleigh McEnany is a racist a—hole,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Just like her predecessor, she doesn’t even try to hide the racism,” another Twitter user added in response.

In a statement to TheWrap, a Fox News spokesperson said “[McEnany] did not know what race the protestors were, she heard the singing in her ear through the segment and did not see the video.”

On Monday, Neely — a homeless Black man, who was known locally for his Michael Jackson impressions and busking entertainment — died after a 24-year-old veteran choked him to death while riding a northbound F train in New York City. Before former Marine approached Neely, witnesses claim Neely was acting disorderly towards other passengers before he was restrained and held in a chokehold for at least three minutes, according to the New York Times. 

The Marine’s name has not been released. Police freed him from custody with no charges, though Neely’s death has been determined a homicide by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office. The medical examiner reports that Neely died as a result of compression of his neck cause by a chokehold. No arrests have been made.

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