Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Urges Viewers to ‘Get Past’ Trump’s 2020 Election Loss: ‘Doesn’t Help the Country’

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Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade urged “Fox & Friends” viewers to accept the results of the 2020 election on Friday morning, 14 months after said election took place. 

“We have to get past questioning election results,” he said one day after the year anniversary of the deadly Capitol riot, during which supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the building in an effort to stop the certification of President Joe Biden’s electoral win. Trump has baselessly maintained since the election that it was somehow fraudulent.

Kilmeade added that “we have to, as a country, accept election results” because “to continue to cause — tell men and women in office — that they are illegitimate does no one any good.” 

Trump’s insistence that the election was stolen from him “doesn’t help the country,” Kilmeade said. 

Much of the rest of the three-hour show was business as usual for the host. After “Fox & Friends” wrapped up, numerous viewers tweeted at him to openly thank him for questioning the point of COVID-19 vaccine booster shots on Friday’s show. Still, his coming out against the bogus election-fraud narrative is notable. Kilmeade was among the Fox News hosts whose texts to former chief of staff Mark Meadows amid the Capitol riot were recently released during a House select committee hearing. Kilmeade urged Meadows to “please get [Trump] on TV” to stop the chaos before it undid the former president’s entire legacy. 

Watch the Friday segment over at Mediaite.

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