‘Fox & Friends’ Nails Republicans Not Backing McCarthy as House Speaker: ‘You Look Like Idiots’ (Video)

As projected, former House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy failed Tuesday to get the needed support to become House speaker. He needed to secure the majority by a margin of four votes, but couldn’t sway hard-right lawmakers who have vowed in recent weeks to not support McCarthy for reasons both political and personal.

In the lead-up to the news, “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade didn’t hold back Tuesday morning, saying those representatives who, for the first time in 100 years, aren’t supporting their party’s proposed House speaker “look like idiots in front of the country.”

The comment came as Kilmeade pointed to Virginia U.S. Rep. Bob Good specifically, indicating that he’s withholding support because McCarthy didn’t endorse him in his state’s Republican primary.

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“Bob Good is upset, reportedly, because Bob Good wasn’t endorsed by Kevin McCarthy,” Kilmeade said, clarifying that, as is always the case, McCarthy financed the incumbent.

“So for this guy to be angry, ‘Well, he didn’t call me right away after I won’ – so is this personal? You should not take this job if it’s about your ego and your own personal agenda,” Kilmeade emphasized. “The whole thing should be service for the country, and the subset is your party. Please explain to me how this helps your party. You look like idiots in front of the country.”

Kilmeade also dragged McCarthy for agreeing to a so-called “motion to vacate,” which is an attempt to negotiate with the Republican outliers by saying that if they vote for him now but end up not being happy with his work, he’d step down.

“That is the craziest thing to give into. How are you supposed to do your job and not — you have over 200 people you’re gonna be representing. If five don’t like what you do, then you’re out?” Kilmeade said. “If you agree to that, how effective are you going to be as speaker? You can’t kiss everyone’s butt in order to do that job. You’ve gotta do what’s better for the whole, or dare I say, better for the country.”

Watch the full “Fox & Friends” segment in the video above.

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