Fox bought as dog is relocated to Peruvian zoo

This is ‘Run Run’

Location: Lima, Peru

The Andean fox had been sold as a domestic dog to a family in Lima

It initially played happily with other dogs in the neighborhood

but as it grew up, it started attacking other animals


"We thought it was a breed because it was like a wolf. We bought him in downtown Lima. (Reporter: How much was he?) About 50 soles (about $12.50 U.S.)."

Run Run has been relocated to a local zoo

Officials say many wild animals are brought by traffickers from Amazonian areas

to be illegally traded in Lima

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) WILDLIFE OFFICIAL, WALTER SILVA, SAYING:"So far this year we have had 128 operations regarding wildlife in the department of Lima. We have seen that many people are unaware and they acquire wildlife, without knowing the particular characteristics of the species. For example, there's the case of the fox that was thought to be a domestic dog. And that animal's behaviour will go changing over time, to be more territorial and it could put the well-being of people at risk."

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