Four-Year-Old in Eastern Pennsylvania Really, Really Wants a Haircut

A little boy in eastern Pennsylvania desperately wanted to find a way to get his hair cut, recording this sweet message for his local salon on May 14.

Four-year-old Jason Knorr is not too fond of his grown-out hair, but doesn’t want his mom, Christine, to cut it either. In this video, Jason says that he really wants a haircut, and suggests maybe he could get one if they had face masks.

“Can you give me a haircut? Please?” Jason said in the video. “I really don’t like my hair this way.” When Christine tells her son they will figure something else out since the salon is closed, Jason asks, “They won’t let me in?”

Christine tagged Lauren-Nicole’s Salon in Bloomsburg, who happily reposted the sweet video, writing, “We can’t wait to see you again, Jason!” Credit: Christine Knorr via Storyful