Four days after 'underdose', Anoogrehan gets full AstraZeneca jab

Four days after 'underdose', Anoogrehan gets full AstraZeneca jab
Four days after 'underdose', Anoogrehan gets full AstraZeneca jab

Marketer Anoogrehan Manoharan, who first raised the "underdose" issue when studying a video of his Covid-19 vaccination jab on May 19, said he was re-vaccinated yesterday.

This came after BP Healthcare reviewed his complaints on the matter.

"From the day I reported my suspicion (and showed the evidence - see video below), I have been in contact with the BP Healthcare legal team regarding my situation.

"They have been very good in updating me on what they were doing to address my issue and the planned next steps.

"BP Healthcare later asked me to come to the World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL) to get re-vaccinated with the recommended dose and I have done so (on May 23)," Anoogrehan told Malaysiakini today.

The "underdosing" issue first arose when Anoogrehan reviewed a video of his AstraZeneca vaccination process and claimed that he did not receive the full dose of the vaccine.

According to product information leaflets available from the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency’s website, one dose of the vaccine is 0.5ml.

He claimed the person who injected the vaccine also did not write her name on his consent form, which he was informed is part of standard procedure.

Anoogrehan’s first vaccination took place at around 10am on May 19 at the WTCKL which administers the Covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the Oxford University.

"I want to thank BP Healthcare and their team for their professionalism in handling this matter and for keeping me informed," he added.

He also thanked his friends and colleagues in the medical profession who studied the video and advised him on the matter, as well as Malaysiakini for bringing the incident to light.

Two days ago, Danial Abrar Bestari Abrar, who also received a jab on the same day and had similar complaints of underdosing, received another inoculation shot.

Danial's fiance Siti Sarah Saiful Anwar later tweeted that those who believe they received an insufficient AstraZeneca dose can approach the Health Ministry’s ProtectHealth Corporation for redress.

There are three ways to contact the corporation:

  1. Via phone at 03 8687 2525 or 03 8687 2588.

  2. Via email at

  3. Via ProtectHealth’s social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.