Four children die in Aus jumping castle tragedy

Australian police rolled up what remained of an inflatable jumping castle after four children were killed and several more badly injured on Thursday (December 16).

Two boys and two girls in their final year of primary school died in the accident in Devonport, in the northwest of Tasmania state.

Strong winds lifted the inflatable structure into the air during end-of-year school festivities, causing them to fall 10 meters, authorities said.

Police commissioner Darren Hine.

"On a day when these children were meant to be celebrating their last day of primary school, instead we're all mourning their loss. Our hearts are breaking for the families and the loved ones, school mates, teachers of these young people who are taken too soon."

Five more children were in hospital, four in critical condition, authorities said.

There was no immediate explanation for how the jumping castle became airborne.

The incident took place at Hillcrest Primary School

The state premier promised an investigation.

This was the reaction of Prime Minsiter Scott Morrison.

"Young children on a fun day out, together with their families and it turns to such horrific tragedy, at this time of year, it just breaks your heart."

Students in the last year of primary school, Year 6, are typically aged 10 or 11.

The accident would rank among Australia's deadliest involving an amusement ride.

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