Four arrested at Just Stop Oil demonstration in central London

Four Just Stop Oil protesters have been arrested at a demonstration in central London.

The group said around 500 activists gathered at Jubilee Gardens in Waterloo on Saturday afternoon while the Met Police put the figure at around 250 people.

Three were arrested during the march for public order offences, said the force. The march looped through Fleet Street and back over Waterloo Bridge before finishing at around 3pm.

An eighteen-year-old man was arrested before the march began for breaking bail conditions set by a court by being in London.

“Before the march set off, we arrested an 18-year-old man who, by being in London, was in breach of bail conditions set by the court,” said the Met Police.

“It is the second time he has been arrested this week.”

Police added: “There are around 250 people taking part. They're moving at a normal speed which is different from other JSO 'slow marching' action.

“Officers are with the group. Should they slow down or stop in the road with the intent to cause serious disruption we'll take appropriate action.”

Among those marching was Pippa Cowtan, 21, a politics graduate based in London, who said: “The government cannot arrest its way out of the situation we are in, just like we cannot vote our way out.

“I am taking action because I cannot sit back and be complicit in the government's plans to let millions die, so they can further line their pockets.

“We have to come together to resist, because together we can be the opposition the country needs, and we can win.”

The group said it would be staging daily marches from Trafalgar Square from November 20 in its bid to get the government to end new oil and gas licences.

The Met has made nearly 500 arrests of eco activists associated with the group since October 30, with more than 200 charges.