Fountain of lava emitted in Iceland peninsula's first eruption in almost 800 years

On March 19 Fagradalsfjall, situated near Reykjavik, Iceland erupted after the volcano was dormant for 6,000 years. The volcano remained active for several days following the initial eruption. Sigtryggur Johannsson happened to capture some mesmerizing clips and stills of the active Fagradalsfjall spewing lava into the air. Beautiful scenes of the river of lava flowing down the volcano and melting the rocks in its path were also caught on camera. The filmer wrote: "A volcano near Reykjavik, Iceland erupted a week ago. In the darkness of early morning, we hiked towards the volcano to catch some photos and videos." This eruption was the first known one on the peninsula for 781 years, according to reports. This incredible footage was filmed on March 21, 2021.