Found: 40 Instagram Captions for Your Next Travel Photo Dump

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These 40 Captions Are Travel Content GoldPexels/Armin Rimoldi

As a fiery Sagittarius moon, I naturally gravitate towards adventure and exploring—and also blind optimism, but we’re going to table that for a minute to focus on the wanderlust of it all. This means that I’m a travel girlie through and through. And to me, a top-tier vacay itinerary consists of four things, and four things only: good food, good drinks, good company, and minimal screen time. Because let’s face it—traveling is all about seeing the world and immersing yourself in new cultures and new experiences, not wasting time thinking of the perfect caption for your next expertly curated photo dump.

When I’m four pina coladas deep on a beach in Mexico with my shoes off and OOO on, or 7,000 feet up a mountain back-country touring in Canada, the last thing I want is to stress over whether or not my IG caption is a 10/10. And I don't want that for you, either. So while I can’t magically grant you access to the Amex Centurion lounge, I can give you a crap-ton of foolproof captions that will encapsulate your beachy girls' trip, solo hiking adventure, or romantic Euro summer so perfectly, your followers will think you’re an expert wordsmith. (Or just the most creative b*tch they’ve ever met.)

Scroll down for 40 bucket list-worthy captions to use for your next glorious trot around the globe—and don’t say I never did anything for you!!!

Travel Captions for Your Girls' Trip

  • Just here for the giggles.

  • Who run the world?

  • When the trip makes it out of the group chat.

  • Catch us outside.

  • So...same time next year?

  • Happiest (and silliest!!) with them 🫶.

  • And THAT, my friends, is a vacation.

  • A digital postcard, from us to you 💌.

  • No sleep! Bus, club, another club, another club, plane, next place.

  • The trip of a lifetime with my lifetime ladies.

Travel Captions for Your Tropical Beach Adventure

  • Phone on DND.

  • If the wake-up call doesn’t look like this, I don’t want it.

  • Why can't it be “ice cream for dinner” weather all the time?

  • I’d give anything to be on a boat right now…oh wait, I am!

  • How your emails are quite literally finding me 🍹.

  • This week, a hot new bombshell enters the villa.

  • Don’t text, I’m on marg duty.

  • Not to brag, but I'm actually relaxed for the first time maybe ever.

  • I think this trip should be an annual thing, don’t you agree?

  • Absolutely thriving. Don’t call, don’t text, thx!

Travel Captions for Your Romantic Jaunt Across Europe

  • Not pictured: The pre-dinner aperitivo.

  • Don’t ask us about our jet lag.

  • Are we locals yet?

  • Collecting pics and passport stamps.

  • In our study abroad era.

  • One like and we’ll move here.

  • What if I told you I was catching flights AND feelings??

  • Every day is an adventure, especially with you. (Corny but true, sorry!!!)

  • Here for a good time and a long time.

  • Feel free to use any of these pics as your new screensaver.

Travel Captions for a Solo Adventure

  • Me, myself, and Mai Tai.

  • ICYMI: I have a new favorite place!

  • Tag yourself, I’m the stunning view.

  • Mile-high hike > mile-high club.

  • The vibes are immaculate! Someone had to say it!

  • OOO on, worries off.

  • Yeah, I’ll be here until further notice.

  • Living my best Lizzie McGuire life.

  • It’s giving dream trip.

  • Not NOT on my eat, pray, love grind.

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