Fossils of car-sized sea turtle unearthed in Spain

STORY: Scientists in Spain have uncovered fossils

of one of the largest turtles on record

[Location: Coll de Nargo, Spain]

The reptile would have been the size of a small car

a Mini Cooper to be exact

Leviathanochelis aenigmatica was a marine

turtle that lived during the Cretaceous Period

(Angel Golobart, Catalan Institute of Paleontology)

“It’s very interesting because now we know more about the ancient seas, we are talking about 84-83 million years ago, and we know more about the paleo ecosystem of the Pyrenees.”

Measuring 12 feet long and weighing about

two tons, it is Europe's biggest-known turtle

Fossils of the largest turtle on record were

found in the U.S., reaching about 15 feet long

or the same size as a Toyota Corolla