Fortnite's Star Wars Update Brings A Mini Battle Pass, Darth Maul Skin, And More

Star Wars characters point weapons in Fortnite.
Star Wars characters point weapons in Fortnite.

This year’s Fortnite Star Wars crossover is officially here, just in time for May the 4th. Naturally, there’s some of the expected: New Star Wars-themed skins and special Quests. But the official update post lays out even more Force fun to be had from now until May 23.

Diverging from past Fortnite Star Wars crossover events, like the limited edition Kylo Ren outfit added to the item shop earlier this year, “Find the Force” zeroes in on the polarizing prequel trilogy. Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, 501st Trooper, and 212th Battalion Trooper skins are all currently available from the item shop, looking much like the famous actors that played them, and are therefore prime for real-time fanfiction (plus, we get the version of Padmé post-Geonosis battle. Though Fortnite conceals her iconic, chiseled, 1999 midriff, it should still be reminiscent for those yearning f0r the era of low-rise jeans). Players can pursue Find the Force Quests to unlock even more cosmetics, including a Clone Trooper outfit, the ultimate reward in the free track, though it’s not necessarily as ideal for fanfiction.

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“The Find the Force Quests are separated into three main sets with certain Quests associated with each one,” says Fornite’s blog. “If you complete twelve Quests in a set, you’ll earn a Sith Holocron. Earn three Sith Holocrons to unlock the Sith Infiltrator Glider!”

Woohoo! The three Quests will go live in segments, with “The Force Within” available to play now, “Begun the Clone Wars Have” opening up on May 7, and “Fall of the Republic” closing things out on May 12. You can play an “epilogue” Quest, “The First Galactic Empire,” on May 17. Players will once again have access to lightsabers, which will stay in their hands until they “drop [them], get eliminated, or the match ends,” and also give players access to the Force, which can be used to sprint faster, double jump, push, pull, or throw, while their lightsaber is equipped. If that’s not enough, the “high accuracy” DC-15 Blaster can be found hidden in Republic Chests.

There’s a teeny battle pass, too. For bonus Quest rewards, players can purchase the Premium Reward Track upgrade for 1,000 V-bucks (about eight U.S. bucks), which stacks 11 more unlockables on top of the free track, and it contains the Darth Maul Outfit as its final reward. Sadly, yes, that means you have to pay to get Darth Maul. Fans of Maul actors Sam Witwer, Ray Park, or Peter Serafinowicz might now be hearing their wallets sadly unzipping.

“This track upgrade also contains the unlockable Wolf Pack Trooper Outfit and Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Outfit,” says Fortnite’s blog. “Upon purchasing the Premium Reward Track upgrade, you’ll automatically receive the Coruscant Guard Outfit.”

Cool. But what if you don’t care about Star Wars? Don’t worry, the v24.30 update didn’t forget you. There are four new Reality Augments, and, even more importantly, a crucial bug fix that allows the Infinite Dab Emote to last 16 hours.

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