Fortnite fans are losing love for the airbending mythic as it continues to dominate the endgame

 Avatar Aang in the Avatar state floating in the sky.
Avatar Aang in the Avatar state floating in the sky.

Some Fortnite players are starting to lose their patience with the airbending mythic, as it's become a recipe for disaster in the late stages of the battle royale game (via CharlieIntel). The new mythic that was introduced for the Avatar event basically just lets people race around in a wheel of air.

This may sound fun, and it is, but it's also a real pain to play against. People with the airbending mythic are faster than you, can jump into the air with ease, and just have pretty great overall mobility. It not only makes them a difficult target to hit but can also transform you into a sitting duck pretty quickly, as there's no way to get them out of the sky (except by shooting, of course).

To stress just how annoying this new mythic has become in the later stages of the game, one player decided to try and capture their experience. Reddit user mnkymnk posted a short video which just involved loads of people using the air wheel to whip around the map quickly. At the very end, when the zone had shrunk down, a handful of players were left, with each one using the airbending mythic to try to outmaneuver their enemies.

While everyone was on equal footing in this battle, I can only imagine how frustrating it would have been to make it to the final few, only to find that everyone was faster than you and able to launch themselves into the sky. But with all of those players zipping around, it's probably hard enough to make it to the final few, let alone win.

Other players have decided that the best course of action would be for Epic [Games] to add the Chains of Hades tool back into Fortnite. "Please put the Chains Of Hades back in the game before this event ends I’m begging you, Epic…Just one time I need to pull one of these people out of the hamster wheel and do what needs to be done," one Reddit user says.

The Chains of Hades would certainly even things out, if only to make players think twice before shrouding themselves in a whirlwind of air. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this happening is pretty slim, as the Avatar event is set to end on May 3. With not a lot of time left on the clock, Epic Games will probably choose to sit this one out, no matter how annoying players are finding it.